Save up to 30% on health benefits.

Prevent waste with software that audits every claim before you pay. Lower your health benefits spend within 90 days or we'll refund you, guaranteed.

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Prevent Waste

Powered by a proprietary claim analytics engine developed by medical coding and clinical experts.

Detect Overpayments

Manage Risk

Predict and mitigate costs drivers by crunching medical, prescription, and administrative data.

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Benchmark Performance

Compare plan design and utilization with peers and discover new ways to improve benefits.

Take Control of Your Plan

Automated waste prediction and prevention. Designed to augment any cost containment initiative and process all claim modalities.

Capture Every Opportunity

Waste is embedded in every claim, but manual audits capture only a small portion of it. We detect more waste and issue factual disputes based on accepted standards, minimizing provider abrasion.

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Make Data Actionable

Everything you need to know is in your data. Our models find every cost driver and predict how they will impact your plan, helping you make the best decision every time.

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Unlock Your Options

Making changes to your plan doesn't have to be a headache. We benchmark your costs and show all the options you can take on every aspect of the plan so you can make unbiased decisions around health benefits.

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Recent Posts

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the healthcare payments process fair. The proliferation of available data, new regulatory pressures around transparency, benchmark-based payment innovations, all present a catalyst for a new status quo in healthcare.

Price Transparency

What does federally mandated price transparency mean for your bottom line? There are many theories for what could happen to cost of healthcare, but regardless of outcome this legal battle is one to watch.

Data Security

Atana was created with data security and privacy in mind. As former medical researchers working with highly sensitive patient data, we know firsthand that your data rights are paramount.

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