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Atana Health reduces healthcare costs for self-funded employers by automating the claim review process.

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Detect Overpayments

Powered by a proprietary claim review algorithm developed by coding and clinical experts.

Detect Overpayments

Monitor Disputes

Track ongoing claim disputes in real time with embedded analytics from your dashboard.

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Benchmark Performance

See how you stack up against your peers and discover ways to improve your plan.

A Smarter Way to Save

Although most claims have major errors, they're often auto-adjudicated without review. We ensure that you only pay when it's fair.

Pre-Payment Vigilance

We all know the claims you're paying have errors, but they're hard to catch in time. Our technology catches intricate errors and adjusts the claim before you pay.

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Post-Payment Disputes

If your plan administrator pays a claim that has errors, you could get a refund. Our bill review process uses proven techniques to fight for a settlement.

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Full Transparency

After weeks of phone calls and countless emails, you still don't know why your costs are skyrocketing. View claim insights in real-time so you're always in the loop.

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Recent Posts

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the healthcare payments process fair. The proliferation of available data, new regulatory pressures around transparency, benchmark-based payment innovations, all present a catalyst for a new status quo in healthcare.

Price Transparency

What does federally mandated price transparency mean for your bottom line? There are many theories for what could happen to cost of healthcare, but regardless of outcome this legal battle is one to watch.

Data Security

Atana was created with data security and privacy in mind. As former medical researchers working with highly sensitive patient data, we know firsthand that your data rights are paramount.

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