About Atana Health

  • What does Atana do?

    Atana Health helps self-funded employers save up to 30% on their health benefits spending by automating the claim dispute process. Current market incentives are not aligned in the employer's favor, making it challenging for employers to gain visibility and actionability into what their benefits spend is actually paying for. By integrating claims data and reports, Atana Health is able to provide an unbiased analysis of the all claims, automatically disputing the ones with the highest savings potential.

  • How does Atana help me?

    95% of claims are auto-adjudicated, leading to billions of dollars in overspending per year. Unfortunately, employers are usually the ones that foot the bill for these costly mistakes. Atana Health uses artificial intelligence, software automation, and data science to find these errors and dispute claims that have a high likelihood of overpayment, making sure employers are always getting the best value on their benefits spend.

  • Who is Atana for?

    Atana Health is built for employers with self-funded health plans and their benefits brokers.

  • How do I get started?

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  • How long does it take to get started?

    Depending on the specific third party administrator, claims data integration can take anywhere from 10 to 90 days. Pre-payment disputes are automatically enabled after claims data is integrated into Atana Health's HIPAA compliant platform. Post-payment dispute timelines depend on the complexity of the case, averaging around 180 days for refunds to be fully proceed.

  • How much does Atana Health cost?

    We charge a percentage of the savings that we are able to generate for the employers we serve. We also a one time implementation fee around coordinating claims data retrieval.

  • Does Atana work in my state?

    Yes, Atana works in every state.

  • How do I stay updated with what’s happening?

    You can email us at [email protected] or contact us through our messaging system on our website, at the bottom right corner.

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Our mission is to make the healthcare payments process fair. The proliferation of available data, new regulatory pressures around transparency, benchmark-based payment innovations, all present a catalyst for a new status quo in healthcare.

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Data Security

Atana was created with data security and privacy in mind. As former medical researchers working with highly sensitive patient data, we know firsthand that your data rights are paramount.

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