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Detect and Dispute Overpayments

As an employer, you want to provide the best benefits for your employees. With Atana Health monitoring your claims, you don't have to compromise because of rising healthcare costs.

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Improve Cash Flow

Atana quickly stops incorrect high-dollar claims before they hit your account and gets you refunds for claims you've already overpaid on.

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Maintain Control

Get full visibility into what's going on with your claim, see how much you're saving, and request reviews all from one dashboard.

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Reduce Liability

Meet your ERISA obligations and reduce non-compliance liability by putting software-driven and expert-powered protections in place.

actionable insights
Actionable Insights

Understand everything about your plan in one glance. Measure your performance against employers like you to constantly improve.

HIPAA compliant
HIPAA Compliant

Remove complexity and headache by containing and moving all data within a secure ecosystem that enforces HIPAA compliance at every step.

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Data Expertise

Get world-class data scientists looking for detailed, useful insights and trends in your data that help you find hidden opportunities.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Turn your plan document into a living, flexible system that you can constantly improve.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the healthcare payments process fair. The proliferation of available data, new regulatory pressures around transparency, benchmark-based payment innovations, all present a catalyst for a new status quo in healthcare.

Price Transparency

What does federally mandated price transparency mean for your bottom line? There are many theories for what could happen to cost of healthcare, but regardless of outcome this legal battle is one to watch.

Data Security

Atana was created with data security and privacy in mind. As former medical researchers working with highly sensitive patient data, we know firsthand that your data rights are paramount.

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